I just watched Hannity and they “tried” to explain why Duncan’s ‘family’ “allegedly” did not get ebola (yet, 42 days not up, but quarantine is). Maybe their explanation was adequate for many, but not for me. *** In this post I will give them the benefit of the doubt that they have been honest . **** First, it is my opinion, that it is contagious for a day or two before symptoms begin. Contagion is due to ‘viral shedding’ which happens in any viral illness. (back to why I believe it is contagious BEFORE symptoms)… as symptoms progress, viral shedding increases, causing a higher ratio or ppm of virus to ‘bodily fluid’ proportion.

People exposed to Duncan’s sweat on ER visit #1 would be in less danger than those exposed to sweat on his 2nd ER visit.


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